Overnight, Weekend, and Evening Child Care from Gma Village!

In today’s society, many low-income parents work unpredictable schedules and demanding hours. For low-wage workers, the challenge of finding and paying for child care during weekends, evenings, or overnight can be overwhelming and seemingly impossible. Traditional day cares typically operate during daytime hours, leaving parents with non-traditional work schedules unsure where to turn. Fortunately, Gma Village is here!

Gma Village connects low-income families who need short-term or backup child care support with a group of reliable, loving grandmas. With 30 amazing grandmothers offering care in Berkeley and Oakland, low-income parents now have access to a new circle of support. Once you have become a Gma Village member, you can connect with a grandmother who fits with your individual family and your specific needs. This is especially important for any parents who are looking for child care during non-traditional hours, such as overnight, evenings, and weekends. Lots of grandmas are available during all these times!

All of the grandmothers in the program attend a health and safety training and are screened with a background check. To learn more about Gma Village and connect with a loving grandmother, please call 510-545-9057.

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