We’ve got exciting news to share. BANANAS has a new logo!

As we continue to grow and serve more families and child care providers, we want our brand to best reflect what we believe in and where we are headed. For many years, we’ve embraced the beloved banana in our logo. And we kept it, but we felt it was time to get creative.

Our new logo has a refreshing look and it certainly captures our mission and the community we serve. Most importantly, it reflects our goal to provide quality early care and education for our children. Thank you to all of you for inspiring this important change.

BANANAS embraces the importance of play through weekly playgroups. In addition, our free workshops help parents and caregivers discover ways to create child-centered activities that promote learning through play. We support our earliest learners, children ages 0-5, as they grow up to become happy, confident adults. This is evident in our new look, which matches our core belief—that playing is learning.

The rocket ship design signifies a child’s creative thinking and imagination that comes through free play. This type of play, also called pretend play or make-believe play, entails acting out different stories. Furthermore, it is imaginative play that helps your children relate to their emotions. Play is a child’s way of engaging and making sense of the world. Above all, this process of pretending builds a child’s social-emotional, language, and thinking skills.

We are super excited about our new logo, because it is friendly, cute, and reflects our genuine personality. Check it out on our website, Facebook, and Twitter. The Bunch loves this new look and feel for BANANAS!

Who are we:

We are a child care resource and referral agency, which means we support parents through the process of choosing care for their child. But that’s not all we do! We offer playgroups, parent education, and support child care providers with professional and career development. BANANAS Alternative Payment programs assist many eligible families with paying for child care. In fact, families also have access to free clothing, diapers, formula, toys, and more for their children at our Boutique.