As a new parent, you will no doubt have a lot of different people give you all kinds of advice and information about the best way to care for your child. Some of the suggestions, while well-intentioned, may not always be accurate. Here we offer five common myths and misconceptions to help you separate the fact from the fiction.

Myth 1: It’s never too soon to look for child care.

Reality: Although you can do much of the research on local child care options during the pregnancy (such as talking to other parents, visiting local programs, putting your “to-be-born” on waiting lists, etc.), we advise that you wait until the baby arrives to make a decision. No one can prepare you for how you will feel once your baby is born. Perhaps you planned to go back to work, but your feelings and the baby’s needs dictate otherwise. Secondly, no one can predict what kind of baby you will have: easygoing and undemanding or colicky and in need of special care. It’s smart to think about your options early on, but it’s also important to give yourself time to settle before making a final choice.

Myth 2: Good child care is almost impossible to find.

Reality: Finding the perfect child care fit for your family can be a difficult process, but it is not impossible. Keep an open mind about a variety of possibilities and types of care. And call BANANAS——it’s why we’re here!

Myth 3: After you find good child care, the rest is easy.

Reality: It takes work to maintain a good child care situation through communication and mutual respect. Choosing care is only the first step in the process. Your needs, your child’s needs, and the provider’s needs will change over time. You may need to adjust to new situations and sometimes you will need to find new care.

Myth 4: One caregiver can’t possibly take care of that many children.

Reality: Family child care providers can receive a license to care for six or eight children. With an assistant, they can care for up to 12 or 14. As a new parent who is struggling to get anything done with just one child, the thought of caring for that many children probably seems overwhelming if not impossible. But there are many child care providers who are so well organized that they can manage the daily child care routines and still meet the needs of each child (and parent).

Myth 5: My baby will love the child care provider more than me.

Reality: The first time your baby reaches out for a provider can strike a discordant note in a parent’s heart. But your baby is not going to stop loving you because of being in child care. If your little one becomes attached to the provider, it actually proves that you have made a good choice and that your baby is thriving in the child care setting.

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