Family, Friend, and Neighbor Caregiver Workshops

Family, Friend, and Neighbor (FFN) workshops are specially designed to support the grandparents, aunts and uncles, siblings, cousins, friends, and neighbors who care for young children. Through classes and playgroups, family, friend, and neighbor caregivers gain an increased understanding of how to encourage healthy child development and also connect with other child care providers.


24jul(jul 24)1:00 pm(jul 24)1:00 pmEastmont Library Playgroup

28jul(jul 28)12:00 pm(jul 28)12:00 pmWest Oakland Library Playgroup

31jul(jul 31)1:00 pm(jul 31)1:00 pmEastmont Library Playgroup


04aug(aug 4)12:00 pm(aug 4)12:00 pmWest Oakland Library Playgroup

07aug(aug 7)1:00 pm(aug 7)1:00 pmEastmont Library Playgroup

11aug(aug 11)12:00 pm(aug 11)12:00 pmWest Oakland Library Playgroup

14aug(aug 14)1:00 pm(aug 14)1:00 pmEastmont Library Playgroup

18aug(aug 18)12:00 pm(aug 18)12:00 pmWest Oakland Library Playgroup

21aug(aug 21)1:00 pm(aug 21)1:00 pmEastmont Library Playgroup

25aug(aug 25)12:00 pm(aug 25)12:00 pmWest Oakland Library Playgroup

28aug(aug 28)1:00 pm(aug 28)1:00 pmEastmont Library Playgroup


04sep(sep 4)9:30 am(sep 4)9:30 amAgency Holiday (Closed)

08sep(sep 8)12:00 pm(sep 8)12:00 pmPlaygroup at West Oakland Library

11sep(sep 11)1:00 pm(sep 11)1:00 pmPlaygroup at Eastmont Library

15sep(sep 15)12:00 pm(sep 15)12:00 pmPlaygroup at West Oakland Library

18sep(sep 18)1:00 pm(sep 18)1:00 pmPlaygroup at Eastmont Library

22sep(sep 22)12:00 pm(sep 22)12:00 pmPlaygroup at West Oakland Library

25sep(sep 25)1:00 pm(sep 25)1:00 pmPlaygroup at Eastmont Library

29sep(sep 29)12:00 pm(sep 29)12:00 pmPlaygroup at West Oakland Library

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