Client Success Story

Nearly eight years ago, a single mother with two young sons came to BANANAS looking for child care. Her youngest son, then 4 years old, had never spoken a single word, not in Chinese (his mother’s native language) nor in English. She worried that she needed to find a child care provider who could offer special support with her son’s language development. As a mother with limited income and two children to care for, she came to meet with a Resource & Referral Counselor at BANANAS to discuss her options. The counselor listened to her concerns and discussed the type of hours, care, and cost that would suit her family. The mother said she was given, “a whole stack” of providers who could offer care for a child with special needs.

The mother called every provider on the list to find someone with the skills to support her son. Unfortunately, after six months, she decided that the first daycare she’d enrolled him in wasn’t the right fit, so she returned to BANANAS a second time. After meeting with a counselor, she got a whole new list of referrals and began making phone calls. This time, she connected with a nearby provider who was specially trained in caring for children with special needs. The young son, who by then was approaching 5, still hadn’t started talking but the provider had confidence that he would learn and grow in child care.

Not long after he began working with this provider, whose first language is Vietnamese, he began to speak. His mother said, “Slowly he started to talk, word by word.” He would speak not only in English, but also in Vietnamese. “The provider is so patient with kids, she tries to understand what they need. My son started saying one word, then two words, three words.” Her son, now almost 9, has been thriving in the program and his mother could not be happier. “Now he talks all the time. He’s always asking, ‘Why? Why? Why?’ He went from not understanding to understanding.”

We are absolutely thrilled about this family’s success in finding the right child care provider. If you are looking for child care, please get in touch with one of our Resource & Referral Counselors at 510-658-0381. We’re here for you!

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