As the measles outbreak continues to spread, the City of Berkeley Health Officer, Janet Berreman MD, is encouraging child care providers to take immediate action to prevent health risks to children. Please read this important message for child care directors that includes specific actions for child care facilities.

“As the City of Berkeley Health Officer, I urge you to ensure that all children and staff are vaccinated against measles due to a statewide and very serious outbreak that has now reached Alameda County. A measles outbreak in your childcare facility would be extremely disruptive. If there is measles in a childcare facility, Berkeley Public Health will direct all unvaccinated children and staff to stay home for at least 21 days, the length of the incubation period. Measles is a highly infectious, airborne disease that spreads rapidly and can lead to hospitalization and even death. Vaccination is very effective: two doses of MMR (measles- mumps-rubella) vaccine provides measles immunity to 99% of those vaccinated. A single dose protects 95% of those vaccinated.”

Berkeley Public Health advises each child care facility to:

  • Review children’s immunization records and establish a list of children who have not received 2 doses of MMR.
  • Advise all staff to check with their healthcare provider if they are not sure of their immunization status, and to obtain an MMR if indicated.
  • Tell anyone with a fever and rash to NOT come to child care facility and to call their healthcare provider immediately. Individuals with fever and rash should be sent home immediately if they are on campus.
  • These measures will decrease the risk of measles disrupting attendance at child care facility, and enable us to work promptly with you to limit the impact of measles should a case occur in the childcare facilities.

For additional resources, please see this fact sheet and visit the websites for the California Department of Public HealthAlameda County Public Health, and the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

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