Yu Fong Wang


Provider Services Counselor

Yu Fong first became associated with BANANAS in 2003 as the Merritt College Child Development instructor teaching an early childhood education class to Chinese-speaking providers. Soon after, she began supporting the BANANAS staff as a Chinese translator while also working as a teacher/site coordinator at the UC Berkeley Early Childhood Educational Program. Her time at BANANAS increased due to her frequent use of the boutique where she found many items—including eight pairs of rain boots!—for the children in her care. Additionally, she was able to refer families to the inclusion services department at BANANAS when there were special needs concerns with her clients.

In 2012, she was hired as a consultant for BANANAS to assist family child care providers with the CCIP program. This winter, she officially joined the team and she is excited to work for an organization with such an impressive history. Yu Fong appreciates that the staff here share the common goal of serving families and children and she feels like they are an extension of her family. When she’s not busy providing expert support to family child care providers, she can be found gardening, watching HGTV, reading, and spending time with her family.

510.658.7353 x400