This Father’s Day, Give in Honor of Your Dad

This Father’s Day, honor your father by participating in All for You Dad, a campaign to help our families. From June 11-18, 2018, All for You Dad asks mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, and caregivers to make a donation to BANANAS and give a gift with a lasting impact.

When you donate to BANANAS, you help us support families so that parents can go to work or attend school, while their children are exposed to social and learning experiences in child care. Every day, we work with families in Alameda County and help them choose the best care for their child by offering child care referrals and resources. We assist parents with paying for child care and offer parent education, support groups, and playgroups. We consider it a privilege to offer support to families, especially when we know it is going to change lives.

Inti with his Children

Inti Fernandez aspires to be a good father, a superhero to his two children. In addition to raising his kids alone, Inti is pursuing his dream job of becoming a visual designer. For a long time, he struggled to find an affordable child care program for his children. He needed child care so that he could go to work, support his family, and attend court hearings to secure custody of his kids. Being a single father was tough and he had to take more than one job to make ends meet. “I made some money but not enough to pay for my family’s basic needs. I worked very hard to keep a smile on my children’s faces,” says Inti.

Thankfully, Inti’s friend introduced him to BANANAS services. After an initial phone appointment, he met with one of our alternative payment counselors to discuss his situation and learn about available child care subsidy programs. Michelle, our counselor helped Inti by enrolling his kids in one of our Alternative Payment Program through which they received full-time child care services. The counselor also shared information about free workshops and events that are available for families. Inti’s family got the opportunity to visit the BANANAS Boutique and look for clothing, toys, and books. While his kids continued to thrive in a safe and loving environment, Inti can focus on growing professionally at his job. “Being a single parent is challenging, but things have turned out well for me. I’m very appreciative of the support my family has received from BANANAS,” he says.

Each family’s situation is unique, and we seek to provide the care and services that fit their needs. When we connect parents to the resources they need, we build a foundation of success for children. Your gift will directly impact the lives of children and families. It is extremely important for our community.

Take Action for Children!

Right now there are three pieces of legislation that have the power to positively impact the lives of children, families, and child care professionals. BANANAS is part of the California Child Care Resource & Referral Network, a system of nonprofit agencies that serves every region in the state with important child care and parenting resources. As part of this network, we encourage you to take action today by sending three letters of support to government officials who can make sure that California’s Education Code is up to date (SB 1154), that low-income families have access to a year of child care (AB 2150), and that parents are informed about background checks and safety measures when hiring a caregiver (AB 2036).

Below you will find details of each bill and information on how to take action today.

SB 1154 – The Patricia Siegel Child Care Resource and Referral Memorial Act of 2016 This update will preserve quality consumer education and provider support in California and at the same time will identify components of the recently reauthorized federal CCDBG Act where the state already complies.

To learn more, click this Fact Sheet and then send your letter of support using this Sample Letter.

AB 2150 – The Child Care Continuity Act: 12 Month Eligibility That Supports Families AB 2150 is an extraordinary opportunity to remove unjust and unjustified, red-tape reporting rules that cause eligible families to churn in and out of child care programs; put their jobs at risk; disrupt children’s school readiness and development; force them to turn down job promotions, make it impossible for child care providers to balance ledgers or plan for quality investments while accepting subsidized children; and burden employers and education providers who are required to sign off on endless paperwork.

If you would like to send a letter of support, view this Sample Letter.

AB 2036 – Online Care Job Postings: Consumer Education This bill would require online companies that advertise child care services provided by license-exempt child care providers (ex. babysitters and nannies) to post a statement about the California Trustline registry and, if the service provides access to a background check, a written description of the background check provided to it by the background check service provider.

Here is a Sample Letter as well as a Fact Sheet if you would like to learn more.

Thank you for your support!