What Do Toddlers Like to Do?

By the time many babies grow to be between nine and twelve months in age, they are sitting up and crawling; some can even walk while holding onto things. This is an age of exploration for little ones and to help them learn about the new, wide world, parents and child care providers can offer babies a safe space to touch, taste, and experiment. While playpens, gates, and high chairs can be helpful, it’s best not to keep toddlers left in one space for too long. This has the potential for slowing down their curiosity, which we never want to do. A room becomes a safe place for toddler learning and exploring when it is uncluttered and free of any medicines or sharp or poisonous objects. Once you’ve got your room ready, here are some fun ideas for keeping your little one entertained.

#TalkReadSingPlay: Whenever you talk to your toddler, you are not only creating a bond with them, you are also introducing them to language. This early connection with words and sounds can help encourage healthy brain development. So, get out those storybooks!

Hide and Seek: Since toddlers are fascinated by all the new things around them, they will be excited to watch items disappear and reappear from inside other items. This can be as simple as putting a blanket inside of a box and then pulling it out again. Be sure to explain what you are doing so little ones begin to understand that just because they can’t see something, it doesn’t mean it has disappeared.

Peek-A-Bo0: To continue the simple idea of reappearing and disappearing introduced in Hide and Seek, try hiding your face behind your hands or a pillow. Toddlers enjoy this type of play, which teaches the idea of permanence and will no doubt bring some smiles too.

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