Celebrating Black History Month

In January we honored the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., which offered us all a chance to reflect on his legacy of peace. Perhaps you read a special story with your kids or spoke to them about the importance of love. This February as we observe Black History Month, we have another opportunity to teach young children not only the significance of being peaceful, but also the value of celebrating diversity in all its forms. Whether it’s the way we look, the way we talk, the way we move, or the way we act, the characteristics that make us different are the same ones that make us unique. One simple activity to help inspire kids to think about diversity is to ask them what they love about themselves and what they love about others. When we encourage little ones to celebrate individuality, it reinforces the message that being different is ok, that it’s a beautiful part of being human.

If you need a hand coming up with great inspiration for incorporating Black History Month into circle time, free play, or at-home fun, check out the resources in our Celebrating Black History Pinterest board. There are books, crafts, and activities to get the conversation started and help kids think about the importance of peace, diversity, and acceptance. BANANAS also has two very exciting family events this month: African Folktales and Flavors of Jamaica. Come and join us for these free celebrations!