Teach Your Kids to Eat Healthy

By Guest Blogger JenAndKids

Parents know just how difficult it can be to feed a child, especially if he or she is a picky eater. Kids with a sweet tooth can be particularly hard to convince to eat fruit and vegetables. Unfortunately, the eating habits they develop as children can be carried over all the way into adulthood, which means parents are potentially raising a child who may encounter a lot of health concerns later on in life. This article takes a look at what strategies parents can employ to help their kids make healthier food choices.

Get Your Children Involved

If you involve your children in grocery shopping, you are less likely to have a lot of food spoil or left uneaten because your kids have had a say on what things they want to eat. PBS also suggests getting your children involved in meal or snack preparations so that they can become more interested in healthy eating.

Prepare Food Ahead of Time

Busy parents, especially those who juggle multiple commitments, may find themselves pressed for time when it comes to preparing food, so much so that they may be tempted to order food from a fast food chain just so they can have something to feed their family. While occasional dining in fast food chains is acceptable, doing this regularly is not good for anyone, especially children. To prevent this from happening, you can prepare food ahead of time, store it in the freezer, and then heat it up once it’s time to eat.

Surround Them with Fruits and Vegetables

Make sure to always have healthy snacks around the house to encourage your kids to munch on them to stave off hunger. For example, you can place a fruit bowl on your dining table or have sliced fruits and vegetables in your refrigerator so your children can just grab a snack any time they want to eat something. At the same time, try to minimize or eliminate any unhealthy snacks, such as chips, from your home so that they won’t be tempted to munch on this type of unhealthy food.

Make Mealtimes Fun

Sometimes food presentation means the difference between your kids eating the meal you served or making them scream for a burger instead. You can add smiley faces to pancakes to encourage your children to eat them and other humorous things to motivate your kids to finish their food.

JenAndKids is a mother of three active kids and a blogger. She is a believer of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and she constantly tries to come up with kid-friendly recipes for her family.

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