Parents & Families

At BANANAS, we are here to provide referrals, resources, and support to parents and families of all kind, regardless of income. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, foster parent, guardian, or relative, we can offer you options for child care, workshops about parenting and child development, and also information on everything from creating a nutritious diet to bonding with your baby to meeting other new and first-time parents.

BANANAS offers these key services to parents and families:

Additionally, we offer a free boutique filled with children’s items as well as referrals to community services such as food stamps and housing support.


21oct2:30 pm4:30 pm華人家長互助組 (兩次討論) (Chinese Parents Support Group, 2nd of a 2-Part Series)

25oct10:00 am12:00 pmBooties Camp: Baby Sleep

26oct7:00 pm9:00 pmFathering From Within (1st of a 4-Part Series)


02nov6:00 pm7:30 amHiring a Nanny 101

02nov7:00 pm9:00 pmFathering From Within (2nd of a 4-Part Series)

07nov6:30 pm8:30 pmResolving Sibling Rivalry (3-Part Series)

08nov7:00 pm9:00 pmChoosing Infant Care

09nov7:00 pm9:00 pmFathering From Within (3rd of a 4-Part Series)

10nov9:30 am5:00 pmAgency Holiday (Closed)

16nov7:00 pm9:00 pmFathering From Within (4th of a 4-Part Series)

23nov9:30 am5:00 pmAgency Holiday (Closed)

24nov9:30 am5:00 pmAgency Holiday (Closed)


18dec9:30 am12:30 pmAgency Half-Day

19dec9:30 am12:30 pmAgency Half-Day

20dec9:30 am12:30 pmAgency Half-Day

21dec9:30 am5:00 pmAgency Holiday (Closed)

22dec9:30 am5:00 pmAgency Holiday (Closed)

25dec9:30 am5:00 pmAgency Holiday (Closed)

26dec9:30 am5:00 pmAgency Holiday (Closed)

27dec9:30 am12:30 pmAgency Half-Day

28dec9:30 am12:30 pmAgency Half-Day

29dec9:30 am12:30 pmAgency Half-Day

Donor contributions have helped BANANAS touch the lives of thousands of children.  A gift from you today helps us ensure that children in our community have equal opportunities in life. This is our annual fund. Help us invest in kids, and invest in early learning.