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Child Care Referrals

  • Looking for child care and need referrals for Northern Alameda County?
  • Needing help paying for child care?
  • Are you a parent looking for playgroups, for you or your child’s caregiver?

Since 1973, BANANAS’ Resource & Referral team has provided one-on-one support to families by creating individualized child care referral plans based on our database of more than 900 child care options in Northern Alameda County. With such a large and diverse selection of providers, we are able to offer families the opportunity to find the perfect fit. In order to put together a referral plan that is uniquely tailored to each family, we place an emphasis on understanding the particulars of each family’s situation, including families of children with special needs. We are creative in finding possible options, and guide parents with suggestions and tips while empathizing with their concerns and showing how a family can advocate for themselves.

Tiny Steps / Head Start Family Child Care Program

The Tiny Steps / Head Start Family Child Care program offers nurturing, home-based, high-quality full-day, and year-round childcare options for children 6 weeks to 5 years old.

Our program applies all Head Start standards of care and a formal learning curriculum that you can see, to ensure your child is learning and growing. Our caring and compassionate Teachers provide a low ratio of adult to children to ensure safety. The Tiny Steps Teachers value your child’s culture and family background and are ready to welcome you.

Additional Benefits:

  • Free Laptop & Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Free Nutritional Meals and Snacks
  • Free Diapers
  • Free Health and Dental screenings
  • Free Physical and Counseling Support for Children and Parents
  • Free Early Intervention Support and Therapy for Children with Special Needs

Contact Information:

Allona Gill – Head Start Coordinator

510.658.7353 x.135

Child Care Reimbursements

Many working families in low-wage jobs depend on government subsidies for child care expenses. BANANAS is the clearinghouse for these subsidies in Northern Alameda County. We advise parents as to whether they qualify and help parents sign up on Eligibility Lists.

Resource & Referral Counselors are here to help you:

Contact us so we may help with your child care search. Let us know the age of your child, type of program, hours of care, and area of care needed (city and zip code).

(510) 658-0381

Navigation Services


Are you a family experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity in Alameda County? BANANAS currently collaborates with Alameda County Social Services Agency, First 5 Alameda County Social Services Agency, First 5 Alameda County, and Family Front Door on the CARE program, assisting families experiencing homelessness with navigating the child care system. We are here to assist if your family is experiencing homelessness or are housing insecure by connecting you to subsidized child care programs. Families who need immediate child care services may receive a temporary voucher that helps pay for child care.

CARE Family Resource Navigators are here to help:

Tina Fleeton


(510) 908-1671

Foster Bridge

Are you a foster parent or non-minor dependent youth who is a parent? Are you a child care provider who needs help with caring for a child who has experienced trauma? BANANAS works with the Alameda County Social Services Agency to offer the Foster Care Bridge Program. This program supports foster families in Alameda County in finding child care and subsidized child care.

Foster Bridge Family Resource Navigator is here to help:

Jocelyne Vasquez

Jocelyne Vasquez
(510) 658-7353 x 114 or
Cell: (510)-908-1483

Are you living in East Oakland/Havenscourt Neighborhood)?

Warm Line Parent Coaching

Feeling stressed and need some parent coaching? Depending on your zip code, you may qualify for this free service!

Every parent could use some perspective and advice at times. Children do not come with instructions and raising them can be a curious and challenging experience. BANANAS understands this and wants to help you get support  through our FREE Warm Line Parent Coaching program. You can meet with a parenting expert in person or by phone for up to four FREE consultation sessions.

Our Family Resource Program Lead is here to help:

Tina Fleeton

Cathy De Vuono
(510) 658-7353 x143

Learn More About Warm Line Parent Coaching

Learn More About our Families

with School-Age Kids Sessions

Virtual Boutique

  • Looking to donate lightly used children’s clothing, toys, books, or baby equipment?

  • Are you in need of  lightly used children’s clothing, toys, books,or baby equipment?

Our virtual boutique is a resource where the community can give away free clothing, equipment, toys, and diapers for infants and children of low-income families. These items are donated by parents and supporters, and families and child care providers can simply take what they need.

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