Teach Your Kids to Eat Healthy

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Teach Your Kids to Eat Healthy

By Guest Blogger JenAndKids Parents know just how difficult it can be to feed a child, especially if he or she is a picky eater. Kids with a sweet tooth can be particularly hard to convince to eat fruit and vegetables. Unfortunately, the eating habits they develop as children can … Read More

It’s Week of the Young Child!

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Week of the Young Child

Welcome to Week of the Young Child! Today is the beginning of a week-long celebration of children, teachers, families, and early learning started by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Each day has its own theme to inspire learning through a range of fun, educational activities. At … Read More

Overnight, Weekend, and Evening Child Care from Gma Village!

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Gma Village

In today’s society, many low-income parents work unpredictable schedules and demanding hours. For low-wage workers, the challenge of finding and paying for child care during weekends, evenings, or overnight can be overwhelming and seemingly impossible. Traditional day cares typically operate during daytime hours, leaving parents with non-traditional work schedules unsure where to … Read More