Virtual Boutique


Welcome to the BANANAS Virtual Boutique! We are so excited to share this new webpage with you and give our community the opportunity to donate/search for baby items during a time of less physical contact. Please use this site as a way to donate and search for gently used community items while the physical BANANAS Boutique is closed.

You will need to create an account in order to edit your donation and mark it as donated. Once you have donated an item through the Virtual Boutique, please email Adrienne at for a tax receipt.

Friendly Reminder: BANANAS is not involved in the donation process. The donation Poster and Seeker will coordinate donations independently. This webpage is to be used as the connection platform. Please note that car seats or breast pumps should never be resold or donated due to laws restricting their re-use.  

Looking for Donated Items?

Please click on the list below to search for gently used donation items. Please keep in mind you will work with the donor to receive selected items.

Looking To Donate Items?

Donation Items automatically expire 30 days after posting. Please submit at least one photo of your item(s). All listings will be reviewed and approved by BANANAS before they become public.

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