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Join us for free, virtual playgroups that teach children to laugh, explore, and create. Discover the many wonderful ways that play inspires learning. Playgroups offer grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, nannies, neighbors, friends, and parents a space to connect with one another and build community. Join us weekly to pretend, play, celebrate music, create art, and dream up inventions while gaining new parenting tools and learning about child development.

Playgroups are designed to be ongoing series that build upon each other each week. When you RSVP for a Playgroup (below), you will be signed up for the entire series.

These events are created especially for two groups of caregivers: Family, Friend, and Neighbors (FFN) who care for young children, and licensed Family Child Care (FCC) providers. FFN caregivers are grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, neighbors, and friends. Young babies are welcome at FFN playgroups if with a sibling in the recommended age group (one to five years).

At each facilitated group, you will be introduced to new ideas to improve awareness of children’s needs, learn about healthy child development, and better understand how to effectively support early learning and kinder-readiness.

Please contact Family, Friends and Neighbor Program Coordinator, Mikaela Chant.

Mikaela Chant

Mayra Morales
510.658.7353 x162

Mikaela Chant

Mikaela Chant

Family Friend and Neighbor Workshops

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