Angie Cuatlatl


Phone510.658.7353 x110

With a background in customer service and a natural ability to keep things organized, Angie is an ideal member of BANANAS administrative team. She formerly handled ordering, staff training, vendor... Read More »

Aregash Bekele

Resource & Referral Counselor

Phone510.658.7353 x117

Aregash joined BANANAS in the summer of 1996 as a Resource & Referral Counselor. In addition to counseling parents with choosing and using child care, she also administers the health... Read More »

Brian Woods

Alternative Payment Counselor

Phone510.658.7353 x158

Brian considers it a priority to give back to the community and make an impact locally. Before coming to BANANAS, he worked at a nonprofit tissue and eye bank where... Read More »

Carmen Hernandez

Alternative Payment Associate

Phone510.658.7353 x148

Carmen joined BANANAS in 1998 after years of experience in school administration and health education. She had been managing the CalWORKs program for the past five years before lending her... Read More »

Cate Ejjed

Director of Finance & Administration

Phone510.658.7353 x186

Cate joined BANANAS in 2008, bringing with her over 11 years of experience in nonprofit financial management, as well as an MBA from San Francisco State University. Cate oversees the... Read More »

David Marr

Web Design and Development Contractor


David is the freelance contractor who does website changes and updates for He also has a diversity of experience in visual design (product & brand graphics, marketing ads and... Read More »

Davida Pugh

Alternative Payment Manager

Phone510.658.7353 x190

Davida began working with children and youth as a dance teacher at a boarding school in Minnesota. She then worked in a child care center in Berkeley, where she was... Read More »

Deana Williams

Alternative Payment Coordinator

Phone 510.658.7353 x123

Deana is a longtime member of the BANANAS staff, having started at the organization almost twelve years ago. She’s been working in the field of Alternative Payments for twenty years.... Read More »

Debbie Roth

Staff Accountant

Phone510.658.7353 x187

Soon after arriving in San Francisco during the 1980s, Debbie volunteered on the Women’s Switchboard & Crisis Line, a collective located at the Women’s Building. Realizing the opportunities the Bay... Read More »

Debby Alvarez

Resource & Referral Counselor

Phone510.658.7353 x111

Debby joined the BANANAS team in November 2013 as an administrative assistant running the reception area. With 14 years of customer service experience, there was no doubt that she would... Read More »

Dilys Lo

Alternative Payment Counselor

Phone510.658.7353 x150

Dilys spent nine years working in the Housing Department in Hong Kong before immigrating to the United States with her family. She worked in the Alternative Payment CalWORKs Program for... Read More »

Elyce Berrigan-Dunlop

Development & Communications Associate

Phone510.658.7353 x121

Elyce joined the team in the summer of 2014 and is very excited to be working at an organization that serves the community with such amazing resources and support. Before... Read More »

Erica Ramos

Alternative Payment Counselor

Phone510.658.7353 x153

Before coming on board as an Alternative Payment Counselor, Erica worked in the enterprise and payments department of a local nonprofit that sought to end the cycle of poverty by... Read More »

Eva Chou

Provider Services Manager

Phone510.658.7353 x122

Eva has worked at BANANAS since 2002. She manages the CCIP and QRIS on-site coaching and also coordinates child care provider trainings and works closely with Chinese-speaking clients. Before coming... Read More »

Fatima Chestnut

Alternative Payment Counselor

Phone510.658.7353 x154

Alternative Payment Counselor

Fatima has worked in the nonprofit sector for 11 years, helping families obtain child care services and learn ways to be self-sufficient. She earned her bachelor’s degree in... Read More »

Heather Lang

Resource & Referral Manager

Phone510.658.7353 x131

Heather has been with BANANAS since 2002 when she began as Inclusion Coordinator. Currently, she is Resource & Referral Manager, maintaining the referral database of child care providers and early... Read More »

Janae Newsom

Alternative Payment Counselor

Phone510.658.7353 x161

A longtime member of the nonprofit field, Janae has a background in tutoring and college recruitment. While still in high school, she participated in College Summit, a nonprofit that serves... Read More »

Jennifer Watkins

Operations Manager

Phone510.658.7353 x133

Jennifer plays many roles at BANANAS such as holiday decorator and picture hanger, but her primary duties are managing the building and internal technology. She began as a temp in... Read More »

Joan Suflita

Quality Improvement Coach

Phone 510.658.7353 x128

Joan joined the BANANAS team in 2013 as a Resource & Referral Counselor and a Quality Improvement Coach for child care providers. In these roles, she supports staff and increases... Read More »

Judy Kriege

Program Director

Phone510.658.7353 x142

Judy began her early education career as a teacher in child care centers. She later became a site supervisor, a position she held for many years before coming to BANANAS.... Read More »

Kamilah Usoro

Playgroup Facilitator

Phone510.658.7353 x140

Kamilah knew from an early age that she was destined to teach (and she has been teaching as long as she can remember!). She graduated from Howard University with a... Read More »

Karina Kelly

Alternative Payment Counselor

Phone510.658.7353 x156

Karina has always known she wanted to have a job with a purpose. Before coming to BANANAS, she worked as an administrator for inmate services at the Dual Vocational Institute... Read More »

Kym Johnson Luqman

Executive Director

Phone510.658.7353 x129

Kym joined BANANAS in December 2016 as the new Executive Director. Bringing a decade of expertise as a leader in the nonprofit field as well as 20 years of experience... Read More »

Lisa Conners

Office Assistant


Lisa has worked for BANANAS since 2004. She began fresh to the field of child care. Her position supports the Resource & Referral team, and she is always here to... Read More »

Lynne Graham

Human Resources Manager

Phone 510.658.7353 x196

Lynne brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the fields of human resources, child care, and nonprofits. A former daycare provider (who got her start at BANANAS!), she previously... Read More »

Marisol Rodriguez

Alternative Payment Coordinator

Phone510.658.7353 x160

Marisol started at BANANAS in late 2014, first as a temp supporting the Transfer Coordinator and the Alternative Payment department, and then as an official member of the Bunch in... Read More »

Michelle Luong

Alternative Payment Coordinator

Phone510.658.7353 x157

Michelle has been serving low-income families and their child care providers at BANANAS since 2006. She enjoys working with her colleagues and appreciates having the opportunity to utilize her skills... Read More »

Olivia Thompson

Finance Associate

Phone510.658.7353 x188

After working with BANANAS’ Alternative Payments team for many years, Olivia joined the Fiscal department in 2009. Previously, she dedicated her time to obtaining a Masters in Psychology from Stanford... Read More »

Rainbow Markell

Quality Improvement Coach

Phone510.658.7353 x167

With a background in early childhood education, communications, and prior work as a diversity awareness trainer, Rainbow brings the perfect set of skills to her position as a Quality Improvement... Read More »

Rosina Ng

Alternative Payment Counselor

Phone510.658.7353 x155

Having started as a temporary staff member supporting the Alternative Payment Program, Rosina officially joined the bunch in 2011. Her years of administrative experience and customer service skills have proven... Read More »

Sophia Liang

Alternative Payment Manager

Phone 510.658.7353 x149

Before coming to BANANAS in 2006, Sophia worked at another nonprofit organization in Oakland helping low-income clients find work, and she also provided technical assistance for people with limited speaking... Read More »

Soyla Madrigal

Provider Services Coordinator

Phone510.658.7353 x160

Soyla has worked in the nonprofit sector for more than 18 years. Before coming to BANANAS in 2012, she worked as a medical assistant and also held positions in the... Read More »

Su Mei Wu

Quality Improvement Coach

Phone510.658.7353 x125

Working with children and families has always been a passion for Su Mei. Before coming to BANANAS, she worked in various aspects of the early childhood education field for 10... Read More »

Sue Retherford

Alternative Payment Manager

Phone510.658.7353 x152

Sue has been working in the Alternative Payment Program since 1994. She brings with her an extensive amount of experience in social services and community outreach. She sees BANANAS as... Read More »

Tara Bartholomew

Development & Communications Director

Phone510.658.7353 x120

Tara comes to BANANAS with 13 years of experience in fundraising and marketing. Before joining the bunch she worked in child care and children’s mental health and family support services.... Read More »

Tina Fleeton

Alternative Payment Counselor

Phone510.658.7353 x151

Tina brings with her extensive experience in social services and community outreach and has been with BANANAS since 1998. Tina’s passion for improving the lives of families is a true... Read More »

Xiao Wang

Alternative Payment Associate

Phone510.658.7353 x154

Xiao is a Chinese immigrant and a mother of two kids, so she knows firsthand how important child care is to families. Before coming to BANANAS she spent time in... Read More »