Child Care Eligibility List

Parents & Families

If you are not eligible for CalWORKs and you need help paying for child care, you will need to be placed on the BANANAS Eligibility List. This list is different from a waiting list in that we pull based on eligibility and need; not time on this list.

In order to qualify, your family income must be below a certain level set by the California Department of Education, based on your family size and gross monthly income. For most state-funded programs, parents must be working, looking for work, going to school, in training, or incapacitated.

If you need assistance paying for child care, please contact 510-658-0381 (Child Care Referrals) or email us at Below is a link to all subsidized child care information in Northern Alameda County. You may also contact them to be added to their eligibility lists.

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BANANAS offers these key services
to parents and families:

Parents & Family Workshops

BANANAS offers monthly workshops, classes, and support groups in the Northern Alameda County cities of Oakland, Berkeley, Albany, Piedmont, Emeryville, and Alameda. Workshops help parents approach the child care selection process, improve their parenting skills, and learn new coping tactics for a range of issues.

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