Lynne Graham


Human Resources Manager

Lynne brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the fields of human resources, child care, and nonprofits. A former daycare provider (who got her start at BANANAS!), she previously worked as a human resources professional for more than 15 years. Lynne holds a Senior Professional Human Resources Certification and is a member of many accredited HR associations. Before coming on board, she was the Ocular Manager for the US Domestic Market with Tissue Banks International where she acted as the steward of donor’s corneas.

Today, when she’s not busy supporting the staff, she can be found going to live music venues with her husband, taking leisurely hikes, and reading a good book (or several). So far, she says she loves being a member of the Bunch because the staff is so passionate about helping clients and is genuinely dedicated to serving the community.
510.658.7353 x196